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{{{Name of Ride}}}
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Other Name(s) {{{Other names}}}
Type {{{Type of ride}}}
Built {{{Year built}}}
Opened {{{Year opened}}}
Closed {{{Year closed (reason)}}}
Fires {{{Years of Fires}}}
Manufacturer {{{Manufacturer}}}
Designer {{{Designer}}}
Architect {{{Architect}}}
Model {{{Model}}}
Materials {{{Materials}}}
Length {{{Length}}}
Width {{{Width}}}
Height {{{Height}}}
Site Area {{{Size of site area}}}
Vehicle Type {{{Vehicle type}}}
Number of Vehicles {{{Number of vehicles}}}
Riders per Vehicle {{{Number of riders per vehicle}}}
Inversions {{{Number of inversions}}}

This page will serve as a template page for new ride pages. The sections are all optional and serve to help organize the pages.

The overview or summary of what the ride was will be the first section without a header.


The description section will go more in detail about the ride's specs.


The location section could include where the ride was located, section of the park, as well as if the ride came from another location and where it was moved when the park closed.

Major Events

The major events section could include the ride's openings, fires, etc. The header can be changed to fit the name/description of the event and events could be multiple sections.


Often, rides have interesting injury stories. This could be another section.


This section will have a gallery if there are available images.

See Also

This section could be a list of links both internal and external for related information.


Reference section.