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Season {{{Numbered season}}}
Manager(s) {{{Manager(s)}}}
Opening Day {{{Opening Date}}}
Closing Day {{{Closing Date}}}
New Attractions {{{New attractions}}}
Theater Manager {{{Theater manager}}}
Stock Company {{{Stock company}}}
Stock Manager {{{Stock manager}}}
Band(s) {{{Band(s) and Orchestras}}}

This page will serve as a template page for new season pages. The sections are all optional and serve to help organize the pages.

The overview or summary of what the attraction was will be the first section without a header.

Rides and Attractions

List of rides, attractions, and activities available that year. Above the list could be information about new rides/attractions or about how it was the last year they were available.


Information about the bands and orchestras.

Information about the stock company and a list of performances.


This section will have a gallery if there are available images.

See Also

This section could be a list of links both internal and external for related information.


Reference section.