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Here is a list of attractions that were at Olentangy Park:

Name a.k.a. Opened Closed Part of Notes
Amphitheater Open-Air Theater 1921
Arcadia 1909 1911 (fire) Midway Near where the second Old Mill was located
Archery Range 1930 1937 (park closure) South of the Red Devil
Automatic Vaudeville 1909 1911 (fire) Midway Near where the second Old Mill was located
Baby Animal Farm 1937 (park closure)
Band Shell Bandstand, North Bandstand 1937 (park closure)
Bandstand (South) Bandstand 1895
Ball Grounds Baseball Grounds 1895
Ballroom (Outdoor) 1929
Baseball Diamond 1934 1937 (park closure)
Bathing Pavilion Bathhouse 1900 Located in the ravine, across from the boat dock
Billiards Billiard Room, Billiard Parlor, Pool Midway
Birdland Aviary, Bird-Land 1937 (park closure) The Zoo Live animals
Boathouse Olentangy Canoe Club, Lake House 1896 1930 Boathouse Became the "Canoe Club" in 1913
Bowling Alleys 1896 Boathouse
Box Ball Alleys
Cane Rack (Ring Toss)
Casino (Second) 1922
Cave of the Winds 1903 1903
Checkerboard (Outdoor) Giant Checkerboard 1930 1937 (park closure)
Children's Playground 1921
Crazyhouse 1911 Midway
Creation or The Great Hereafter Hereafter 1906 1906
Crystal Maze 1899 1903
Dancing Pavilion (First) 1896 1905 (moved)
Dancing Pavilion (Second) Ballroom 1907 1937 (park closure) Midway
Dear Old Coney Island Coney Island 1910 1911 (fire)
Destruction of Johnstown, The Johnstown Flood 1910 1911 (fire)
Egyptian Mystery Egyptian Mysteries 1906 1906 Colonnade
Fair Japan Japanese Village 1905 Replaced by Swimming Pool
Fantasma 1906 1907
Flea Circus
Floral Conservatory Palm Garden and Greenhouses 1905 The Zoo
Fun House, The 1913 1921 Midway Enlarged and reopened as the Joy Mill in 1922
Gypsy Camp
Horseshoe Courts 1930 1937 (park closure) Expanded in 1934
House of Mystery House of Hindoo Mystery 1908 1908 In Fantasma building
House of Trouble 1903 1903
House That Jack Built 1904 1905 Colonnade
Infant Incubator 1908 1908 Colonnade
Japanese Ballroom 1937 (park closure)
Joy Mill 1922 1937 (park closure) Midway Originally The Fun House
Laughing Gallery 1903 1906 Midway
Mickey Mouse Town White Mouse Exhibit 1937 (park closure) The Zoo
Millrace and Fish Pond
Moonlight Gardens 1937 (park closure)
Moving Pictures Motion Picture Exhibit, Motion Picture Building, Theatorium Unknown
1908 (rebuilt)
1907 (damaged)
Museum of Ornithology Bird Land and Aviary 1903 1937 (park closure) The Zoo
Mysterious Sensation 1926 1937 (park closure) Midway
Mystic Castle Castle Mystic 1904 1906 Midway
Oriental Palmistry Colonnade
Palace of Illusions 1904 1905 Colonnade
Panama Canal Exhibit 1909 1909
Penny Arcade (Colonnade) Arcade 1904 Colonnade
Penny Arcade (Midway) Arcade, North Arcade and Wonderland 1911 (fire) Midway An arcade was destroyed in the 1911 fire, but an arcade still existed later
Photographic Gallery 1906 1907 (fire)
Rifle Range 1929 1937 (park closure) Midway
Roller Skating Rink (Building) 1906 1906
Roller Skating Rink (Portable) 1915 1915 (Death) Midway
Scenic Temple 1908
Shooting Gallery
Shuffle Boards
Snake Den 1908
Swimming Pool Bathing Pool 1917 1937 (park closure)
Temple of Mirth 1906 1911 (fire) Midway
Theater 1899 1927 (fire)
Third Degree 1906
Tom Thumb Miniature Golf Miniature Golf 1930
Tours of the World 1906 1907 (fire)
Whirl-o-Ball 1930
Zoo Zoological Gardens 1903 1937 (park closure)