Gypsy Camp

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Gypsy Camp
Other Name(s) Olentangy Park Gypsies
Type Fortune Telling
Park Section Colonnade
Opened 1907
Closed Unknown

There was a Gypsy Camp at Olentangy Park, first mentioned in 1907[1]. Queen Stella, the "genuine gypsy fortune teller," was only there for one year from Egypt and told "past, present and future, from cradle to grave." She spoke 14 different languages.[2] Dona Stevens, the new queen, was crowned on August 15, 1908.[3]

Madam Marea performed as one of the fortune tellers. A classified ad said she was a "psychological reader" who had been at the park since 1907.[4]

In 1909, a larger camp of "Gypsies" was located north of the city, east of Crestview. It had over 100 members and lodged in tents and wagons. [5][6]


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