Scenic Temple

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Scenic Temple
Type Exhibition
Park Section Unknown
Built 1908
Opened 1908
Closed Unknown

An building once called the Scenic Temple at Olentangy Park opened on Memorial Day, May 30, 1908.[1] Little is known about the attraction other than that it showed "Battle Scenes of the Republic,"[2][3] by the French artist Paul Phillippoteaux[4] and described as a $50,000 (over $1.6 million in 2022) "scenic production of General Grant's Campaign in the Late Civil War"[1] and was "some of the finest paintings of great battles of the Civil War."[5] The artist's painted canvasses were also on exhibition in Europe and included the "Battle of Gettysburg," "The Siege of Paris," and "The Belgian Revolution."[4] Admission was 10 cents ($3.22) for adults and 5 cents ($1.61) for children.[1]

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