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Other Name(s) Chutes
Type Water ride
Track ride
Park Section North
Built 1909
Opened 1909
Closed 1933
Vehicle Type Boat

The Shoot-the-Chutes or Shoot-the-Shoots, sometimes stylized as Chutes, was a water ride installed at the north end of Olentangy Park in 1909.[1] The ride was planned for as early as 1905.[2] The zoo elephant, Tandy, was trained to ride the chute.

The ride took riders in a flat-bottomed boat up an incline pulled by a belt, rotated at the top, where the boat was allowed to slide down the other side of the incline to splash in the pond at the bottom.[3]

On 1934, on a day dubbed Plymouth Day, "Lucky" Teter and his troupe of "Hell Drivers" put on a show at the park. A driver drove at least one car down the Shoot-the-Chutes into the lagoon during a $100,000 (over $2.3 million in 2024) show of Chrysler products at the park.[4] Starting at 60 mph, the car leaped and hit the water at 90 mph, leaped a two-foot embankment, and purposely turned the car over in the dirt going 20 mph.[5][6]

The ride started to suffer from "nonsupport" by 1916,[7] and was operational at least until 1933. Despite its unusable state, the structure remained standing and is visible in a photo about the park's closure in 1937.[8] The pool remained until the park's closure, being used for water bicycles.[9]


Joseph Valkno, 17, was hit by a boat on the chute while working on the ride in September 1914. He broke his leg while trying to leap over the boat as it was diving into the pond.[10]



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