Ball Grounds

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Ball Grounds
Other Name(s) Baseball Grounds
Type Sports
Park Section The Grove
Built 1895
Opened 1895
Closed Unknown

In its early years, local teams played games at the Ball Grounds on the park land.

In 1895, Milt West, manager and captain of the Columbus Base Ball Club, planned a grandstand to hold 1,800 people and bleachers for 3,000 people on the grounds and started holding games by August.[1] The grandstand and bleachers were moved to the ballpark on Schiller Street as part of a foreclosure on those structures right after being built.[2] In 1896, the cost was 10 cents ($3.53 in 2022) per game, and the grounds' overcrowding led to the need for repairs. It was improved and enclosed by 1904, having daily games.


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