Laughing Gallery

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Laughing Gallery
Type Funhouse
Park Section Midway
Built 1903
Opened 1903
Closed 1906
Number of Stories 1

A Laughing Gallery attraction was added in 1903 at Olentangy Park,[1] just south of the Mystic Castle.[2][3][4] It was a funhouse[5] and was there until 1906 when the second Dancing Pavilion was built on the site.[6]


A similar attraction at Kennywood Park near Pittsburgh was described as having "'funhouse' style mirrors" and that "'you would get all the laughs coming to you when you entered the Laughing Gallery.'" The one at Olentangy Park and Kennywood Park appear to be some of the earliest versions of this attraction and came directly from the Paris Exposition. The one in Kennywood was installed by Fred Ingersoll's Amusement Construction Company and featured 4-ft. (1.22 m) by 7-ft. (2.13 m) distortion mirrors that were hand-made in Germany.[7]



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