Kiss Waltz

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Kiss Waltz
Other Name(s) Thurston's Kiss Waltz
Type Track ride
Dark ride
Park Section Unknown
Built 1912
Opened 1913
Closed Unknown
Designer Howard Thurston
Vehicle Type Barrel

The Kiss Waltz, also known as Thurston's Kiss Waltz, was a track ride that was proposed to be moved to Olentangy Park in 1913 after its debut at Luna Park the previous year. It was invented and built by famous magician Howard Thurston[1][2][3], a Columbus native.[4] The ride was supposed to be in 40 parks by 1913, but there was no other mention of it being at Olentangy Park.


The ride consisted of barrels on a track that traveled through caverns and dark places. A man and woman each ride a barrel, holding each other in the position of waltzing.[4] One of his friends said the movement of the ride “caused many a loving couple, under the delusion that they were waltzing, to throw up their hot dogs.”[5]

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