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Type Rotating ride
Park Section North
Built 1914
Opened 1915
Closed Abt. 1916
Manufacturer Sea Land Whirl Amusement Service Company
Vehicle Type Cars (boat design)
Number of Vehicles 6
Riders per Vehicle 10

The Sea-Land-Whirl was a rotating ride moved to Olentangy Park in 1915. It was created by the Sea Land Whirl Amusement Service Company[1][2] and was located in the park's north end.[3]

The first Sea-Land-Whirl was installed at Fairlawn Park in Coshocton for Labor Day in 1914 and was a hit, so it was moved to Olentangy Park the following summer. The company that built and created the device was dissolved at the end of 1915[1][4] and it seems that the ride was only operational for one or two seasons.


The ride was similar to a Merry-Go-Round, with six boats, each having steps and sitting up to 10 passengers. The boats hung on axils and revolved around a center pole while the boats rocked back and forth, creating a rowing sensation.[5] Cars were made to "represent vessels for navigating water or air, and are to rock, or oscillate mechanically"[2] and give an imitation of a ride on the rough sea.[6]

The device could be knocked down, dissembled, transported, and rebuilt for operation.[2]

Sea Land Whirl Amusement Service Company

After the completion of the first device, the Sea Land Whirl Amusement Service Company was incorporated in Columbus, Ohio, with a capital of $10,000 ($281,148 in 2022) on April 2, 1914. L.A. Marks was named as incorporator.[7] Marks, George M. Reagan [or Ragan], and G.M. Marshall patented the device.[8][9] The company dissolved in September 1915 and the patent for an improvement for amusement devices for a "round-about" type to Reagan.[10]

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