Ballroom (Outdoor)

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Outdoor Ballroom
Other Name(s) Outdoor Dancing Pavilion
Type Music and Performances
Activity Space
Park Section East
Built 1929
Opened 1929
Closed Unknown

The Outdoor Ballroom or Outdoor Dancing Pavilion at Olentangy Park was an open space near the second Dancing Pavilion that opened in 1929. Built by the Haenlein Brothers after purchasing the park in 1929, it was half as long as the Ohio State University football field.[1] Eddie Powell Dance Studio provided free dance lessons sometime after opening.[2]

On August 3, 1934, a passageway between the Dancing Pavilion and the Outdoor Ballroom constructed by F. & R. Lazarus & Co. collapsed during a style show. Robert G. Butler, a park employee, fell 6 feet, fracturing and paralyzing his left arm. Butler sued F. & R. Lazarus & Co. in December of that year for damages of $40,000 ($937,500 in 2024).[3]

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