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Type Other
Park Section Center
Built 1922
Opened 1922
Closed 1937 (park closure)
Vehicle Type Car

Dodgem was an amusement ride that opened at Olentangy Park in 1922.[1][2] It was a ride that later became known as a "bumper car" ride consisting of electrically-propelled cars that riders would ride around with the intent to dodge other cars but usually would bump them intentionally instead. It was north of entrance to the Red Devil roller coaster. The attraction was improved in 1927[3] and in 1930, front-wheel dodgem cars were added.[4] The ride remained in operation until the park closed in 1937 and was then moved to the Haenlein Brothers' new Zoo Amusement Park across from the Columbus Zoo.[5]


The ride was described as being a set of electrically propelled cars, guided by shifting the trolley pole from one trolley wire to another, and riders could control them by turning the motor forward or backward. The cars were on coasters instead of wheels.[1]



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