Merry-Go-Round De Luxe

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Merry-Go-Round De Luxe
Other Name(s) Merry-Go-Round
Type Rotating Ride
Park Section Center
Built 1930
Opened 1930
Closed 1937 (park closing)
Materials Wood
Vehicle Type Horses and Chariots
Number of Vehicles 54 horses, 2 chariots
Riders per Vehicle 1

The Merry-Go-Round De Luxe was one of a few "merry-go-rounds" at Olentangy Park. "New" in 1930,[1] this carousel had 54 horses and 2 chariots and was described very similarly to the Grand Carousel. It cost the park $25,000 ($443,527 in 2022).[2] With 1,116 electric lights, 15 colors of paint, and 30 different tunes, another "new" aspect of this ride was using horses instead of the traditional animals that tend to frighten small children.[3] It was installed in place of an old restaurant just south of the Moonlight Gardens.[4]

During its opening, they discussed giving it a name, and many suggestions rolled in,[1] including:

  • "Rotundus Rotundum" (suggested by Jimmy Peppe)
  • "The Girdy Whirl" (suggested by the Junior League Social Leaders)
  • "The Galloping Hemisphere" (suggested by the Rand & McNally Co.)
  • "Horses, Horses, Horses" (suggested by the Beulah Park Association)

It opened on Easter Sunday 1930 with Mayor Thomas breaking a bottle of Jamaica ginger over the forehead of "Bucephalus," the foremost horse.[1]

The ride operated until the park's closing in 1937 and was then moved to the Haenlein Brothers' new Zoo Amusement Park across from the Columbus Zoo.[5]

See Also

  • Merry-Go-Round (1) - Original Merry-Go-Round built for the park's 1896 opening season.
  • Merry-Go-Round (2) - Merry-Go-Round purchased from the Columbus Zoological Company in 1906.
  • Grand Carousel - Mangels-Illions Carousel currently in operation at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium


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