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Type Roller Coaster
Track ride
Park Section Center
Opened 1908
Closed 1913
Designer Lina Beecher
Materials Steel, Wood
Vehicle Type Car
Number of Vehicles 1
Riders per Vehicle 4
Inversions 1

The Loop-the-Loop, was a looping steel[1] roller coaster installed at Olentangy Park in 1908.[2] Designed by inventor Lina Beecher[1][3][4] in 1904, up to four riders[5] would ride on a single track down a slope fast enough to do a single inversion (upside-down loop).[1] It was one of the first three operating looping coasters in North America[5] and its teardrop shape was adapted from a shape pioneered by Edwin Prescott.[3] The shape helped lower the excessive g-forces it put on its riders in comparison to past versions like the Flip Flap Railway, but the ride still caused many neck injuries and repeat riders were rare.[6] The ride remained in operation until at least 1913.

It was built near the Circle Swing and the Dancing Pavilion.[7]

This steel ride was built after a few successful similarly named Loop-the-Loop bicycle stunts done by Diavolo (played by either Conn Baker or G.F. Matthiessen) and Leaping-the-Gap.[8] After its run, the term "Loop-the-Loop" often referred to doing loops with airplanes or in motor vehicle stunts.

The Famous Bickett Family gave open-air performances within the circle of the Loop-the-Loop the week of July 6, 1908.[9]


The ride caused many neck and back injuries. In July 1908, when the ride was new, Luther Liggett rode the Loop-the-Loop during a Methodist picnic and suffered neck injuries that lead to over a week of a swollen neck with fears of a serious injury.[2][10] A visitor from 1908 saying, "Myself and two others went around the Loop-the-Loop. Once was enough."[3] Dewey Oberlin, 10, described the ride as "the neck-breaker" in 1913.[11]



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