Penny Arcade (Midway)

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Penny Arcade
Other Name(s) Arcade, North Arcade and Wonderland
Type Arcade
Skill-based Games
Park Section Midway
Built 1909
Opened 1909
Closed 1911 (fire)
Fires 1911

At least two Penny Arcades existed at the park. The second one was installed in the Midway. It and several other attractions burned down in July 1911.[1][2] Penny Arcades were attractions with coin-operated devices, including fortune-telling machinery, slot machines, love tester machines, peepshows (animation/moving pictures), skill-based games such as skee-ball, box-ball, and shooter games.[3]

This midway penny arcade could be the Arcadia or Automatic Vaudeville attraction, both built in 1909 and at least one destroyed in the Midway Fire of 1911.

There could have also been a penny arcade rebuilt in 1912 around the same area.

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