Igorrote Village

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Igorrote Village
Type Exhibit
Park Section The Grove
Built 1907
Opened 1907
Closed 1908

The Igorrote Village was a returning exhibit that ran for the 1907 and 1908[1] seasons along the river on the west end of Olentangy Park.

First built in 1907, the Igorrote Village featured performers who "[represented] customs and manner of life, together with their houses,"[2] "real savages from the Philipines." They performed at the park after their time in St. Louis, Mo., and Portland, Oregon, August 24-September 7, 1907. The exhibit included straw-thatched huts, bamboo shelters, weaving, pottery, and pipe making. The shows included climbing trees, singing rebellious songs, and giving sham battles. [3] A lecturer explained to visitors the phases of the Bantoc Igorrote life.[4] Cho-Mag-Yai was called the "big chief of the wild head hunting, dog-eating people of the Igorrote Village." He said he was 62 and the village's best spear thrower. The Columbus Evening Dispatch reported, "he [saw] the advantage of an American occupation he lent his influence to the Americans and has since remained their staunch friend."[5] The publication also said the Igorrote Village "is...highly educational, illustrating the life of a people 4,000 years backward in the scale of civilization." The Ohio State Fair was unsure where to house them, so the Village set up along the Olentangy River, bringing 2,000 attendees on its opening Sunday.[6] On September 10, 1907, a "villager" gave birth to a baby boy, and the parents married as part of the show.[7]


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