Bathing Pavilion

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Bathing Pavilion
Other Name(s) Bathhouse
Type Activity space
Park Section The Grove
Opened 1900
Closed Before 1917
Number of Stories 1

The Bathing Pavilion at Olentangy Park originally was a "bathhouse" in the 1890s, and a building was built and opened in 1900.[1] It was located in the ravine, across from the boat dock[2], and provided amenities of a beach such as dressing rooms separated by gender along the Olentangy River. It was 100 feet by 13 feet and 9 feet tall and the dressing rooms were 3 x 5 feet each with a 3-foot aisle down the center. In the center of the structure stood a toboggan slide named the Water Toboggan.[3]

In 1906, the price of using the bathing pavilion was 10 cents for children and 15 cents for adults. This included transport across the river, bathing suits, dressing rooms, and the Water Toboggan.[4]

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