Creation or The Great Hereafter

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Creation or The Great Hereafter
Other Name(s) The Hereafter
Type Exhibition
Park Section Unknown
Built 1906
Opened 1906
Closed 1906

An "amusement device" called "Creation or The Great Hereafter"[1] that opened at Olentangy Park in 1906.[2][3]

The production opened at the nearby Columbus Zoological Garden in 1905 and was described as having "many novel features in illusion, magic, and black art."[1] It was described as being similar to the one produced at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition and had "great scenic and mechanical effects and [carried] a company of 50 people."[3]

Similarly named attractions at Atheltic Park[4] depicted Heaven and Hell and at Dreamland was an electric opera that showed the destruction of the world by fire and "the Biblical epic, using a chorus of 200 singers, showed the Damnation of Faust and the Salvation of Marguerite in detail."[5] Similar attractions at other parks were towering 3-5 stories high. However, Olentangy Park's version was likely 1-2 stories with an elaborate front entrance.

It most likely only operated for one season.


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