Floral Conservatory

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Floral Conservatory
Other Name(s) Greenhouse
Palm Garden
Type Other
Park Section South
The Zoo
Built 1904
Opened 1905
Closed Unknown

The Floral Conservatory, also known as the Greenhouse or Palm Garden, was part of the Zoo[1]. Ground was broken for the Greenhouse on September 13, 1904, to house flowers and plants to protect them from the winter frosts.[2] It was built between the Theater and High Street.[3] Some of the flowers were from Good & Reese Co. of Springfield, Mo.[4]

Joseph Katona

Park florist and head gardener Joseph Katona had a small hose and was able to save the six greenhouses in 1914 when a fire caused by paint-saturated overalls of a painter laid too close to a boiler caused $700 in damage ($20,742 in 2022).[5][6] Joseph Katona came from Budapest in 1904. In Budapest, he was in charge of the royal gardens.[7]


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