Dear Old Coney Island

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Dear Old Coney Island
Other Name(s) Coney Island
Type Exhibition
Park Section Midway
Built 1910
Opened 1910
Closed 1911 (fire)
Fires May 1911
July 1911
Frame Wood

Dear Old Coney Island, mostly known as Coney Island, was a "mechanical show" built and opened in 1910 at Olentangy Park and burned down the following summer in the Midway Fire of 1911.[1][2][3]. Sharing space with The Destruction of Johnstown, it was located in a wood-frame building with burlap lining[2][3] near the Dancing Pavilion and Ye Olde Mill.[4]

According to an ad in June 1911, the attraction showed Dreamland, Luna Park, and Surf Avenue. Emanual Andrews placed the ad on behalf of the park, so the attraction was temporary.[5]


Coney Island was affected by multiple fires in its short existence. Defective wiring caused a fire in May 1911[2]. Later, in July 1911, a fire that began in the Old Mill ride spread to other attractions, destroying a total of five buildings[3]. Manager J.W. Dusenbury said the buildings were uninsured.


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