Mystic Castle

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Mystic Castle
Other Name(s) Castle Mystic
Type Funhouse
Park Section Midway
Built 1904
Opened 1904
Closed 1906
Architect J. W. Zarro
Number of Stories 1

The Mystic Castle or Castle Mystic[1] was a funhouse attraction south of the first Old Mill next to the Laughing Gallery at Olentangy Park. Built in 1904,[2] it was described in the Columbus Sunday Dispatch as "full of mirth and mystery."[3]

This attraction had the endless tunnel, the haunted swing, the rocky pass, the collapsable platform, the grotto, Kelly's slide, Jacob's ladder, the fountain of youth, the observatory, the magic mirror, the drunkard's pathway, Dooley's art gallery, the mysterious elevator, and other features. It was constructed under the personal supervision of J. W. Zarro of Cincinnati and his Zarro Amusement Device Company.[4][5]

The attraction was in the area of the second Dancing Pavillion, so the attraction most likely closed in 1906.[6]



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