Miniature Railway

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Miniature Railway
Other Name(s) Miniature Train Ride
Miniature Electric Railroad
Miniature Engine
Electric Express
Cannon Ball Express
Type Track ride
Park Section North
Opened 1902
Closed 1937 (park closure)
Vehicle Type Cars (train)

The Miniature Railway, also known as the Miniature Train Ride, Electric Express, Miniature Engine, Miniature Electric Railroad, and Cannon Ball Express, was a track ride at Olentangy Park. Opening in 1902[1], the ride was in operation until the park's closure in 1937.

The ride was originally just north of the Figure Eight Toboggan and was moved to the other side of the Shoot-the-Chutes sometime after it was replaced by Fair Japan in 1905.[2]

The ride was moved to the Haenlein Brothers' new Zoo Amusement Park across from the Columbus Zoo after the closure of Olentangy Park.[3]


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