Figure Eight Toboggan

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Figure Eight Toboggan
Other Name(s) Figure Eight Toboggan
Figure 8
Type Roller Coaster
Track Rides
Park Section North
Built 1902
Opened 1902
Closed 1928
Designer Henry B. Auchy
Materials Wood
Vehicle Type Car

The Figure Eight Toboggan was the first track-based roller coaster built at Olentangy Park and the first mechanical ride built after the Dusenbury Brothers bought the park in 1899.[1] It cost $15,000 ($519,788 in 2022) to build.[2] Opening in July 1902,[3] "roller coaster" was a new term for rides where riders coasted on rollers inside their toboggan "cars."[4][5] The ride was in the shape of a figure-eight and was located on the north plateau south of the location of Fair Japan, the original Miniature Railway, and Swimming Pool.[6][7] The ride started to suffer from "nonsupport" by 1916,[8] appears damaged sometime after the Band Shell was built in 1919,[9][10] and was operational until it was partially removed 1928 to make way for the Tumble Bug.[11][12][13] Despite its unusable state, the structure remained standing and is visible in a photo about the park's closure in 1937.[14]


The ride had a wooden frame and was described as a "figure-eight" design[15] and, at times, a "three-way figure eight toboggan slide."[7] This described how the riders go around the loops three times. The cars would travel freely on a multi-level track, and wooden side rails were included to keep them on track.[16]

The Roller Coaster Database says it was designed by Henry B. Auchy and manufactured by Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters (PTC).[17] The Jeffrey Manufacturing Company of Columbus made the Spur Haul Up Chain used to power the ride.[18]


A person fainted on the ride in August 1902, landing the term "roller coaster" in quotation marks in its reporting in the Columbus Evening Dispatch.[4]

On September 21, 1902, Albert Jenkins received several broken ribs and a broken leg on the ride. He was released from the hospital on October 30.[19]

In May 1906, Thomas Callis, a pipe organist and insurance salesman, was spooked by the flashing lights and accidentally stepped off a nearby platform and injured his right ankle bad enough that amputation was considered. He was sent to Grant Hospital for treatment.[20]


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